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Charlotte Howard’s websites are built to last. They are thoughtfully and carefully designed for your ideal customer. They are mobile-friendly, organized, clean, scalable, and competitive. We strive to balance beauty and information to keep people on your website as long as needed. We design for the heart and the mind of your website visitor. Your success is our #1 goal.

A beautiful, productive, profitable website has the following:

(at a minimum)

  • A clearly-defined audience and tone-of-voice
  • Expertly written web copy that speaks to your ideal customer or client
  • Multiple, prominent calls-to-action and easy-to-find contact information
  • Professional-quality photographs and graphics
  • An elegant color palette
  • Expert use of negative space
  • Professionally-formatted pages and posts
  • An organized hierarchy of information
  • Scalability
  • A traffic plan
  • A way to harvest leads (for email, push and text marketing)
  • Connections with Social Media accounts
  • Analytics/Stats

Qualities of a Professional Web Designer

Professional web design is the cornerstone of a successful online business. A good web designer will possess certain skills and qualities that allow them to create smart websites that meet the needs of their clients. These skills range from technical background knowledge, an understanding of current trends in web design, a good visual aesthetic, and having a solid portfolio of work to showcase these skills.

-- We bring creativity, a keen eye for detail, technical knowledge, and problem-solving skills to the table.

Communication is Key

The most important aspect of a successful web design project involves excellent communication skills. Not only does this help build relationships, but it also helps us understand the client’s needs and determine how best to meet those requirements through our designs.

-- We will be communicating and collaborating with you throughout the life of your project.


An experienced, professional website designer can bring invaluable skills to your project. With the ever-changing landscape of internet technology, experience and continuing education are essential. We have designed over 400 websites in dozens of industries for over 20 years. From non-profits, art galleries and tour providers, to general contractors, restaurants and spiritual leaders, you can count on us to know exactly what it takes to design, build, and launch a superior website for your business.

-- Our experience will guide you through a thoughtfully designed website design process that meets your goals and brings you leads, clients, and customers.


Your website is your premier 24/7/365 marketing piece. All of your other marketing efforts lead back to your main website. It should look exceptional, be competitive, and close the deal.

-- You can count on us to design and build a premium website with all the elements and features your business needs to succeed.

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