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Our Web Design Philosophy

Professional, clean, gorgeous web design that stands out from the crowd. Get noticed… and get more business.

Be absolutely true and authentic. The right people will resonate with your message and become your loyal customer.

Be thoughtful and organized. Make it easy for your potential customers to find the information they are looking for.

Sedona Web Design and Internet Marketing Services

Responsive WordPress, SEO, Graphic Design, and More!

Our #1 priority is to design and build quality websites, using the highest standards, that help you achieve your business goals. We truly care about your site (and your budget) as much as you do, which is why we offer research, consulting, training and support.

Responsive Sedona website design by Charlotte Howard
  • Responsive (Mobile-Friendly) Web Design
  • Careful Website Re-Design
  • WordPress

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Keyword Phrase Research
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Email Marketing / List Building
  • Social Media Account Set-up and Branding
  • Extensive Photoshop Skills
  • Logo Design and Graphics
  • E-Commerce
  • Phone and Email Customer Support
  • Consulting and Training

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Sedona Web Design Portfolio

This website design gallery showcases: Responsive WordPress Websites, HTML Websites, and E-Commerce Websites.

Sedona Web Design

Sedona Website Design

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, graphic design, business cards

Flagstaff Websites: Responsive web design, WordPress, Graphic design

Flagstaff Website Design

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, graphic design

Anthem Websites: Responsive web design, WordPress, Graphic design

Anthem Website Design

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, graphic design, business cards

Sedona SEO and Website Design

Sedona SEO Web Design

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, graphic design, business cards

Sedona Advertising Directory and Blog

Web Design for Online Magazines

Responsive WordPress web design, SEO, graphic design, logo, affiliate program, e-commerce, email marketing, social media marketing

Web design for Bed and Breakfasts Inns

Bed & Breakfast Websites

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, graphic design, training

SEO Websites for Doctors

SEO Web Design for Doctors

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, training, maintenance

Membership Websites

Membership Websites for Associations and Non-profits

Responsive WordPress design, membership area, graphic design, project management, training

e-Commerce, Sedona, Small Business Websites

WordPress, SEO, logo, product photography, graphic design, responsive

website design for cabinet installers

Websites for Cabinet Installers

WordPress redesign, SEO, training, graphic design, responsive

Spiritual Practitioner Websites

WordPress web redesign, graphic design, logo, consulting, training

Flagstaff Website Design

WordPress web design, audio, logo, graphic design, responsive

Global Membership Sites

WordPress website re-design, SEO, graphic design, responsive, consulting, product design, badges, patches, memes

Acupuncture Websites

Web Design for Acupuncturists

Responsive WordPress web design, logo, SEO, graphic design, training

Websites for Spiritual Leaders

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, graphic design, training, consulting, email marketing, maintenance

SAAS website design

Websites for SaaS Companies

WordPress web design, SEO, consulting, internet marketing, training

websites for retreat centers

Websites for Retreat Centers

Responsive WordPress design, training

Travel Agency Website Design

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, logo design, copywrtiting

Southern Utah Website Design

Responsive WordPress design, logo

Websites for Spas

Spa, Health and Wellness Websites

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, training

Websites for Yoga Studios

Websites for Yoga Studios

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, logo design

Web design for Roofing Companies

Web Design for Roofers

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, graphic design

Photography Website Design

Websites for Photographers

WordPress, training, SEO, graphic design, responsive

Websites for Consultants

Websites for Consultants

Responsive WordPress design, logo, training

Northern Arizona Tours

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, graphic design, logo

Websites for Art Galleries

WordPress, training, graphic design, responsive

Websites for Sedona Home Builders

Websites for Builders

Responsive WordPress design, logo, training

Artist Website Design

Websites for Fine Artists

WordPress, training, logo, SEO, graphic design, responsive

Phoenix Web Design

WordPress website design, logo, SEO

Vlogger websites

Web Design for Vloggers

Responsive WordPress design, logo, training

Hotel Website Design

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, graphic design

Websites for Entertainers

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, logo, training

Architecture website design

Websites for Architects

WordPress website redesign, training, galleries, responsive

Utah Web Design

WordPress, graphic design, responsive, SEO

Aromatherapy Websites

Aromatherapy Websites

HTML website design, SEO, graphic design, labels, business cards, photography, e-commerce, email marketing

Home Improvement Websites: Responsive web design, WordPress

Sedona Home Remodeling Web Design

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, graphic design

High-Impact website design, logo design, and SEO in the Grand Canyon area

Web Design for Restaurants

WordPress website redesign, SEO, responsive

Travel and Destination Website Design by Charlotte Howard in Sedona Arizona

Adventure Travel Website Design

WordPress e-commerce, training, graphic design, responsive, logo design

WordPress Websites for Professional Service Providers

WordPress Web Design

WordPress, training

WordPress eCommerce

Responsive WordPress design, SEO, graphic design, business cards, postcards

web design referral affiliate program

Website Design Referral / Affiliate Program

Responsive WordPress design, logo, business cards

WordPress Web Design for Sedona Businesses

Websites for Retreat Centers

WordPress website re-design, SEO, training, graphic design, responsive

Artist Websites

WordPress website design, responsive

Sub-Contractor Websites

WordPress web design, SEO, responsive, galleries

HTML web design in Sedona Arizona

Construction Websites

HTML website design, local SEO, graphic design, gallery website

Northern Arizona and Flagstaff Website Design

Grand Canyon Web Design

HTML website re-design, SEO, graphic design, responsive, e-commerce

Sedona website design, responsive, blog, recovery

Recovery Websites

WordPress website re-design, SEO, graphic design, responsive, blog, email marketing

Responsive Websites

WordPress website redesign, graphic design, mobile-friendly

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Need Hosting for your WordPress Website?


I have worked with many hosting companies for more than 10 years. What have I experienced? Slow sites. Routinely being placed on hold for the “next available agent” for over an hour when I need support. Inexperienced or unhelpful support techs who don’t know what they are doing. Working with multiple tech agents over the course of several days to fix problems. Websites being “down” for unexplained reasons for unknown lengths of time. Cumbersome admin areas. Constantly worrying about getting hacked. ETC.

So, I was very happy when a hosting company with dedicated services for WordPress websites specifically, finally arrived on the scene with dependable, affordable hosting options for my own websites and my clients’.

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Graphic Design for Print Media

Business Cards, Logos, Letterhead, Magazine/Newspaper Ads, Badges, Patches, Rack Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Mugs, Large Convention Pieces, Banners, Gift Cards, Labels, Packaging, etc…

Sedona graphic design samples


Charlotte Howard has designed over 300 websites since 2004. Read what her clients have to say about her work.

“Wow! There is an old Bedouin proverb ‘God took a handful of southern wind and blew life into it, creating the Arabian Horse’ … Char, you can take a vision and give it life… Thank you for seeing what’s in my heart and making it real. :-)”
— Tracy B.

“Charlotte Howard is a master at web site design. She sees your project through fabulous design eyes, as well as from SEO orientation, attention to your message, and call to action. I highly recommend her services. Professional and a pleasure to work with, Charlotte rocks!”
— Linda L.

“First off – I am VERY pleased with the site! You built a really wonderful framework, and it was just what I was hoping for. I also really, really appreciate how responsive and efficient you are in posting what I send to you – it’s a thrill to work with you! Thank you so much.”
— Brandy M.

“I wish to impart my sincere thanks and admiration for Charlotte Howard for her outstanding web design. When I started my company a year and half ago Charlotte had the innovative spirit and creativity to provide me with a website that was not only beautiful aesthetically but utilized the most recent responsive layout so my site could be accessed from multiple devices and platforms. Charlotte is a kind and sincere woman who does wonderful work and is always happy to make changes for me on the fly, which is indispensable to the professional who travels and is in the field. I highly recommend Charlotte Howard Web Design for the website of your dreams!”
— John C.

“This is PERFECT!!!!! Thank you so much for your inspiration and creativity… You are so gifted and we are so lucky to be working with you!”
— Joy and Cindy

“Char, Thank you so much for your help with managing my websites. I always feel so supported by your efforts. I love your ability to take a step back and really look at what direction I am try to maneuver and convey. This web stuff is not easy and I can see ideas in my head all day long but it takes this miracle of your abilities to make it come in to view. Love and Hugs”
— Tracy B.

“I just wanted to send you some feedback on how pleased I am with our new website. As we discussed when building this website, I was a little skeptical on how much sales we would actually generate because of our new website. Based on the nature of our work, it was not common for us to secure orders from a website. I am happy to report that since our new website has been in place, we have now secured two huge orders as well as several other contacts that can be directly related back to our website. We have also had several overseas contacts as well.
Thanks again for all your help. Your knowledge and professionalism made it a pleasure working with you and I would definitely recommend you to other companies.”

— Mark L.

“I am e-mailing you to let you know that I am getting a lot of positive feedback from my customers about the company web site that you did for us. Everyone says that it is very professional and easy to move around in it. My sales have increased and I am very happy with the work you did, most of all your professional attitude and customer service that you provided I could not have asked for a better service. I for sure will recommend your service to others. Thanks!”
— Jay J.

” I really appreciate you thinking of me and sharing your inspiration… Your are truly awesome and I love telling others about Charlotte Howard Web Design because you have the extra touch. Thank you, thank you!”
— Isabelle S.

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