How to Monetize Your Website


I don’t know what it is, but when Spring comes around, I get inspired and energized about growth, possibilities, and opportunities. And because I am a web designer, much of this creative energy goes into my websites and my clients’ websites.

And so, I was thinking about the nature of my work and marveling about all the ways WordPress websites can generate revenue. Here are a few features and elements that can add functionality and revenue-producing capabilities to your website.

Schedule Events:

Your website can showcase beautiful Event Calendars where people can register for virtual or in-person events and buy tickets.

Book Appointments:

Show daily and hourly availability for locations, staff, and services.

Book Rooms, Properties, or Rental Items:

Your website can provide a fully-customizable online booking system for accommodations or items that can be rented out, such as equipment or sporting goods.

Take Deposits:

Your website can take deposits for future travel, virtual or in-person sessions, and workshops.

Write an eBook:

Sell your knowledge, tips, stories, tutorials, etc…

Sell Digital Downloads:

Sell digital downloads. These can be documents, graphics, audio, or video files.

Optimize Your Website:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can dramatically increase traffic to your website. This traffic can result in increased leads and sales. You can also monetize this traffic by determining the value of individual pages and selling ad space.

Set up Email Marketing:

Email Marketing has the ability to generate even more revenue than your website. And, you can monetize your email list just like your website.

Offer Freebies:

Offer digital Freebies on your website to grow your Email or Text Marketing lists.

Create and Manage Webinars:

Your website can promote, schedule and manage Webinars for training sessions, to showcase your expertise, and to sell products, services, memberships, and more.

Display Ads:

Create advertising space on your website. Sell locations on your pages and traffic counts.

Sell Merchandise / Dropshipping:

Create your own products to ship, print-on-demand products, or offer Dropshipping by connecting with third-party retailers.

Write or Accept Sponsored Posts:

These types of posts might be product or service reviews or guest posts from other businesses.

Offer Consulting / Coaching Services:

Sell your time. Set a premium one-on-one consulting rate or create packages of time.

Add a Membership Component to Your Website:

Create content that people need a subscription to view. Content can include posts, audio, and video files. Subscribers can pay monthly or yearly.

Offer eCourses / Online Learning Management Systems (LMS):

Your WordPress website can host LMS, or online courses, classes, and workshops. They can include posts, printables, audio and video, quizzes, and more.

Embed Affiliate Links:

Become an Affiliate of a product or service you use yourself that you love. Ensure it is somewhat related to your industry but does not directly compete with your own offerings. Add quality content with affiliate links to your website pages, posts, emails, and social media pages. When one of your links results in a sale, you receive a commission.

Feature Promotions / Joint Ventures:

Use your website, email list, and social media accounts to promote an individual, event, or program where you receive a commission. A great way to do this is with podcast interviews.

Add Urgency:

Use a Countdown Timer on your website to create a sense of urgency. Timers can be static (the same for everyone) or dynamic, meaning it is specific to each person when they arrive at your site.

Request Donations:

Add a thoughtfully-worded Donations widget to your website. Donations can be set rates, set-your-own-price, one-time, or recurring.

Google AdSense:

Allow Google to place ads on your website. You can make commissions on clicks or views.

Have a Contest or Sweepstakes:

This is an excellent way to grow your email and SMS list!

Create a Referral or Affiliate System of Your Own:

Offer commissions or create an Affiliate program for your own products and services. Reward your marketers with a flat-rate commission or percentage of each affiliate sale.

Sell Gift Certificates:

These can work for digital and in-person sales with set denominations or set-your-own-price options.

Have a Sale!

Discount products and services by using coupons. Bundle items for a lower price. Add bonuses to products and services to increase value. Create limited-time, seasonal sales.

Flip Your Site:

Build your website. Create value. Get decent traffic. Then sell it.

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